Lynne A. Valenti
Cabinet Secretary

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Assistive Devices

Assistive Devices are one-time purchases that enable an individual to perform routine personal tasks independently, or provide for a safe and secure environment related to health care needs. The purpose of Assistive Devices is to enhance an individual’s self-sufficiency, safety and/or mobility, and assist the consumer to continue to live safely and independently in his/her own place of residence. Assistive devices may be considered when an individual needs an assistive device to maintain his/her independence when performing the following activities:
• to walk/be mobile
• to bathe
• to eat
• to dress self
• to transfer
• to toilet

Assistive Devices that may be purchased

  • Bathroom and household accessories for safety purposes, excluding any type of exercise equipment.
  • Personal items that would improve mobility and dexterity. These items may include batteries for wheelchairs/scooters/lift chairs, etc. (excludes hearing aid batteries).
  • Repairs to existing assistive devices.

Exclusions include:

  • Cost of installation of the device into an individual's home.
  • Devices available through other state or federal programs.
  • Delivery fees associated with getting devices to an individual's home