Lynne A. Valenti
Cabinet Secretary

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Advisory Council on Aging

Title III of the Older Americans Act (OAA) of 1965 as amended calls for a range of programs offering services and opportunities for older Americans, especially those at risk of losing their independence.  There are expectations within the OAA to provide opportunities to enable older South Dakotans and adults with disabilities to live independent, meaningful, and dignified lives. The OAA focuses on improving the lives of older people in areas of income, housing, health, employment, retirement, and community services. Programs and services are offered through the Division of Adult Services and Aging for this purpose.  

The OAA also requires that an Advisory Council on Aging be established. Members of the Advisory Council on Aging are appointed by the Governor of South Dakota and meet at least two times annually. The Governor may appoint as many members as he deems necessary to accomplish the goals of the Council.  A majority of the membership of the Council consists of actual or potential consumers of services under the Older Americans Act. The Advisory Council on Aging has the following functions:

  • Review and evaluate programs and services available in South Dakota and make recommendations to the Department of Social Services for improving or integrating such activities to benefit older South Dakotans;
  • Work with the Department of Social Services in addressing and recommending ways to meet the continuum of care needs of elderly South Dakota citizens and adults with disabilities;
  • Ensure representation of older South Dakotans regarding administrative and social concerns which would improve the status of older South Dakotans.

Meeting Agenda & Minutes

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