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Cabinet Secretary

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The Division of Adult Services and Aging does not directly provide transportation services, but awards Older Americans Act funds to local transit systems. Transportation services are provided by nonprofit organizations or local government agencies.    

Individuals 60 year of age and older may ride transit systems for a suggested donation. 

Services provided include rides to or from:
  • medical providers and facilities;
  • shopping and banking;
  • senior center activities;
  • nutrition programs;
  • adult day services programs; and
  • other essential errands.

South Dakota Transportation Locations

Coordinated Transportation Initiative

The Departments of Transportation, Social Services and Human Services have moved toward a more coordinated transportation system benefiting all individuals in the community.

The Coordinated Transportation Initiative is the arrangement for provision of transportation services in a manner that is:

  • cost effective and efficient; and
  • reduces fragmentation and duplication of services.

The purpose of the coordination effort is to increase vehicle utilization and ridership, thereby helping local agencies meet a greater number of needs by pooling resources.

Dakota Transit Association

Dakota Transit Association is a coalition of public agencies and private organizations promoting and supporting public and special passenger transportation programs in North and South Dakota.

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