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Certification Board for Alcohol and Drug Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the certification application deadlines?
January 1 and July 1 of every year.

What coursework is required for certification?
The required specialized education courses vary depending upon which certification you are seeking.  Please refer to the Standards Manual for all academic and work experience requirements.

Where do I take my courses?
All courses must be approved by the Board of Directors and must be taken from an accredited post secondary institution that offers addiction specific coursework. 

For approval you must complete the Portfolio Review Course Evaluation form. 

Submit the completed form, along with college transcripts, the course syllabus, and the $25 portfolio review fee to the Board's Administrative Office. 

When is the written examination given?
The written examination is given semi-annually in March and September. 

The Board utilizes Computer Based Testing (CBT). 

Candidates can schedule their own testing date and time within a two-week period providing the Board has approved their application portfolio and pre-registered them for the examination.

What examination preparation materials are available?
Visit for ‘candidate guides’ which will provide information on the written examination process.  Publications are also available through the Distance Learning Center, LLC. Written training programs are available through Prairielands Addiction Technology Transfer Center South Dakota (PATTC-SD), USD (605-677-6230).

What is the cost for recertification?
Certified professionals renew their certification annually in the month of their birth. The certification renewal fee is $150.00 and must be received in the Board office or postmarked by the last day of the month of the practitioner’s birth. 

What is trainee status?
It is a status of recognition through the Board for a person who is seeking to complete the requirements for chemical dependency or prevention specialist certification.

How do I obtain trainee status?
You must have a current place of employment where it is possible to gain the necessary experience and supervision. Applicants must submit an application, transcripts, and the required trainee recognition fee.

When and how do trainees renew their status?
Trainees renew their trainee status in the month of their birth by submitting a trainee renewal application and the $100.00 renewal fee.

How long can an individual maintain trainee status?
Trainee recognition status will be granted for up to five years.  Trainees must meet all academic and work experience requirements for certification by the end of their five-year trainee recognition period.

When are my continuing professional training hours due?
Practitioners must submit 40 contact hours of approved continuing professional training to the Board every two years. 

Practitioners who carry both CCDC and CPS certification are required to submit 60 contact hours every two years. 

Trainees are required to submit 20 contact hours every two years. 

Continuing education hours are collected in the person’s birth month of even numbered years.

How do I get approval for continuing professional training?
An individual must submit a ‘Request for Approval of Continuing Professional Training’ form in conjunction with documentation of the event (brochure, training outline or agenda detailing the time frames, subject matter and content of the event, qualifications of the instructors, etc.). 

The form must be submitted thirty days before or after the event.

How do Service Providers get approval for continuing education?
A service provider must complete and submit the ‘Educational Provider Status Agreement’ form and the ‘Request for Approval of Continuing Professional Training’ form.  Provide copies of the brochure for the event, to include: date(s) and location of the event; sponsoring agency; topics covered; instructors and their qualifications; number of contact hours requested; and, agenda outlining the time frame of the program activities.

The forms and a $25.00 service provider fee must be submitted within thirty days of the event.

What is the reciprocity process?
A certified professional is required to request a reciprocity application from their current Board. The individual must complete the application and sign the release and authorization. Staple a money order for the non-refundable application fee of $100.00 per credential. Make a copy for your records.

Mail the completed application and fee to your current IC&RC member Board.

Do you accept credit cards or cash for payment?
No.  Payment must be received by check or money order.