Licensing Boards

Social Work Examiners

Justification of Fee Increase

The Board of Social Work Examiners will be implementing licensure fee increases due to the following reasons:

The costs to maintain the Board have increased and it is currently costing more to maintain the Board than the yearly revenue generated from fees. 

For the last three years, the expenses have exceeded the revenues ranging from approximately $7,900.00 to $21,400.00 per year. The Board is more active in consumer protection and the public is more actively filing complaints against licensees necessitating Board investigations and legal fees. The costs of investigations have ranged from approximately $3000.00 to $11,000.00 including the investigator and accompanying legal costs. 

Since Boards are self-supporting, the only way to generate additional revenue is through increasing fees. The professionalism of today takes more time with legal questions, license verifications, disciplinary action requests and surveys arriving daily via email; federal HIPDB mandatory reporting, web page maintenance, and the more mobile nature of licensees moving from state to state.  Additionally the number of Board meetings has doubled.

There have been a small number of changes that collectively have increased costs including mandatory errors & omissions and liability insurances. 

The fees are substantially lower than many of the other professions in the State of South Dakota. While Social Work fees vary greatly across the nation, some other states have higher fees, while others do not.  However, it is more comparable to look at other professions in South Dakota as we have smaller numbers of licensees than other states but still must maintain the same level of professionalism and deal with the same legal issues as other larger states.

Renewal Fees for some other professions in South Dakota are as follows:

  • Fees reflect a 2-year period (some renew annually)
  • The ASWB national examination fee has historically increased every 5 years. The last increase was in 2001 with an increase of $65.00. 
Psychologists 400.00
Hearing Aid 400.00
Audiologists 400.00
Counselors 200.00
Podiatrists 300.00
Optometrists 350.00
Chiropractors 400.00
Pharmacists 250.00
Nursing Facility 150.00
Nurses 90.00
Attorneys 780.00

Social Work Renewal & Fees
CSW-PIP = 110.00
CSW = 90.00
SW = 70.00
SWA = 50.00
Proposed Renewal & Fees
CSW-PIP = 160.00
CSW = 130.00
CSW = 130.00
SW = 100.00
SWA = 70.00