Child Care

Child Safety Seat Distribution Program

The Child Safety Seat Distribution infantProgram focuses on keeping children safe by providing child safety seats at no cost to families that meet income eligibility requirements to ensure that they are in the best child seat for their height and weight until they are at least 4'9", At 4'9", most children can safely wear a seat belt.

Current South Dakota law states that “any operator of anypassenger vehicle transporting a child under 5 years of age on thestreets and highways of this state shall properly secure the child in a child passenger restraint system,” and that operator of a motorvehicle must make sure that a passenger who is at least 5 and younger than 18 must be wearing a “properly adjusted and fastened safety seat belt system.”  If the belts don’t fit properly, the operator must find another “safety belt system” to secure the child (SD Law 32-37).

This program distributes child seats to income eligible parents and children statewide, by assessing financial need. Contact a program near you for more information.

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