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Cabinet Secretary

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Process for Monitoring and Inspecting In-home or Informal Provider Homes

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
The Division of Child Care Services (CCS) is responsible for statewide oversight of in-home and informal day care homes. Monitoring the program for compliance with applicable laws and administrative rules is achieved through home inspections, follow-up to any non-compliance issues and investigation of complaints.

Prior to becoming an in-home or informal provider, an initial on-site home inspection is conducted. The provider is notified during the inspection visit of any non-compliance issues and provided a date for correcting them. Child Care Services conducts follow up visits to ensure compliance is met.  When care is provided in the child’s home, an announced annual inspection will be completed. When care is conducted in the providers home, an unannounced annual inspection will be completed.  The results of this inspection are posted online, see below for details.

Complaints Related to Regulatory Compliance
Child Care Services licensing specialists address each complaint received relating to compliance with child care regulations.  If the complaint is found to have occurred, the licensing specialist works with the provider on a plan of correction and a time frame for resolution of the issue. The date of the complaint, a brief description of the complaint issue and a description of the correction taken is posted online, see below for details.  The licensing specialist conducts follow-up visits to ensure compliance is met and maintained.  

Complaints Related to Child Abuse or Neglect
Complaints that relate to the abuse or neglect of a child are to be reported to the Division of Child Protection Services (CPS), toll-free at 1.877.244.0864. 

Online Child Care Provider Monitoring and Inspections

The results of child care provider inspections are available on the Child Care Services website to assist families in making informed choices when choosing a child care provider.  This site includes results from annual monitoring inspections and results from substantiated complaint inspections.

Start the process by clicking on the searchable database link. Once on the searchable database site, follow instructions that outline searching for an informal provider.

The posting of inspections began in February 2018.  Only those inspections that have been completed since February 2018 will appear on this site.