Child Care


Licensing Flowchart

  1. Initial Inquiry - Licensing worker shares information with individual by phone or in person.  The interested party is given an application packet, which includes a copy of applicable rules, financial planning guide, floor play review booklet, and a food program flyer.

  2. Floor Plan Review Process - Interested person submits a complete set of building floor plans for review to the licensing worker, as specified in the floor plan review booklet.

  3. Departments of Health - CCS sends floor plans to the
    Department of Health for review.

    Department of Public Safety - CCS sends floor plans to the Department of Public Safety for review.

  4. Applicant Responds
    • Applicant submits completed application form, names of references, and central registry screening form.
    • A final version of the center's policies and procedures must be submitted. They are reviewed to ensure all topics are addressed. Orientation plan and annual training plan must be submitted.
    • Applicant can either send a copy of liability insurance policy for the file, or have a copy ready for viewing at the licensing inspection.
    • Menus featuring balanced meals must be posted.
    • Director and staff must submit fingerprint cards for criminal background check within 14 days after hire.
    • Program planner must meet certain educational requirements. Hiring practices must be well-documented. Staff must clear central registry screening before hire.
    • A sample copy of daily program schedule and lesson plans should be submitted. A list of equipment is also beneficial.
  5. Inspection - Once all paperwork has been submitted and approved, and all structural items have been completed, the applicant should call the licensing worker to arrange an inspection.
  6. License - License is issued after all requirements are met
    and inspection is completed.

Adult to Child Ratios

Training Requirements