Child Care

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  • Department of Social Services’ Division of Child Care Services:
    • Address: 700 Governors Drive, Pierre, SD, 57501
    • Phone: (605) 773-4766 or toll-free 1-800-227-3020
  • Aberdeen Area:
    • Address: Early Childhood Partners, 1500 N. Main St., Aberdeen, SD 57401
    • Phone: (605) 229-8505 or toll-free 1-800-982-6404
  • Brookings Area:
    • Address: Brookings Family Resource Network Box 2218, SDSU, Brookings, SD 57007
    • Phone: (605) 688-5730 or toll-free 1-800-354-8238
  • Pierre Area:
    • Address: Early Childhood Training Network, 124 East Dakota Ave., Pierre, SD 57501
    • Phone: (605) 773-4755 or toll-free 1-866-206-8206
  • Rapid City Area:
    • Address: Early Childhood Connections, 809 South St., Suite 304, Rapid City, SD 57701
    • Phone: (605) 342-6464 or toll-free 1-888-999-7759
  • Sioux Falls Area:
    • Address: Sanford Children's CHILD Services, 1115 W. 41st St., Sioux Falls, SD 57105
    • Phone: (605) 333-0698 ext. 4 or toll-free 1-800-235-5923 ext. 4

Career Lattice: Application Information

Required Documentation
In order to complete the Pathways Career Lattice application process, you must send the training and professional commitment documentation described below to Division of Child Care Services. Do not enclose original certificates, awards or other forms of documentation. These documents will not be returned. The documents you submit will be kept on file with the Division of Child Care Services. All information submitted will be confidential. 

Training Documentation
All applicants are required to submit legible copies of training documentation such as certificates, transcripts or diplomas providing evidence of your educational achievements. This documentation determines the level of the Career Lattice for which you will be recognized. Specific types of training documentation are required for each level of the Career Lattice as indicated below:  

All Levels of the Career Lattice


A copy of current CPR and First Aid certification (required if you are currently working directly with children in an early childhood or Out-of-School-Time program).
Level I and II Informal Education


Copies of training certificates for all early childhood or school-age care training completed within the last year.  

Level III CDA or Vocational Certificate


A copy of your CDA training transcript and a copy of your current CDA credential; or,


A copy of your vocational transcript and diploma.

Level IV Apprenticeship or Advanced Continuing Education


 A copy of your CDA and college transcripts in addition to a copy of your apprenticeship certificate; or, 


A copy of a college transcript that documents a minimum of 12 college credits in early education or family relations to quality for the Advanced Continuing Education recognition.

Levels V, VI and VII

  A copy of your college transcripts and diploma.
  Applicants who have a degree in a related field of study (or than early childhood or family relations) are required to submit documentation reflecting the emphasis of study for the degree you obtained.
  Applicants who have a degree in a related field of study should also submit a summary of your work experience in the field of early childhood or school-age care.

Documentation of Professional Commitment:
The following types of documentation should also be mailed with your training documentation in order to provide evidence of your professional achievements such as:

  • Professional awards and certificates of recognition.
  • Professional association memberships.
  • Professional conference certificates.

Send your application and information to:

South Dakota Department of Social Services
Division of Child Care Services
910 East Sioux Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501-2291