Child Care

Trainer Registry: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Trainer Registry?
The overall purpose of the Trainer Registry is to develop a network of trainers who are committed to providing quality adult learning experiences for individuals who work with children and families in South Dakota.

Objectives include:

  • To enhance availability of professional training for trainers based on core knowledge and competencies (skills) individuals should have in order to provide quality adult
    education experiences.
  • To promote accessibility to quality educational opportunities meeting the diverse professional development needs of all individuals who work in early childhood and school-age care programs.
  • To recognize individuals who complete specialized training and work experiences promoting their ability to provide quality professional development experiences for adults.
  • To promote awareness of training opportunities available to practitioners.
  • To maintain records of training sessions conducted by registered trainers in conjunction with the Career Lattice.

Who can participate in the Trainer Registry?
Participation in the Trainer Registry is voluntary. The registry includes three levels of recognition for individuals who provide adult education experiences for early childhood and school-age care practitioners:

  • Level I: 
    Registered trainers are individuals who periodically provide group training experiences for early childhood and/or school-age practitioners. Early childhood mentors, advisors, home visitors and parent educators who have completed
    specialized training that enables them to provide one-on-one training to practitioners and parents are eligible.
  • Level II: 
    Validated trainers are individuals who voluntarily complete a review process that enhances the trainer’s ability to provide quality adult learning experiences.  
  • Level III: 
    Master educators are individuals who provide college or university level early childhood education courses. Master educators are required to complete the professional development requirements of their respective educational institution.

How does the application process work?

  1. All individuals who provide adult education experiences for early childhood and school-age practitioners are encouraged to apply to the Trainer Registry by requesting an application packet from any of the contacts listed on the back of this booklet.
  2. The completed Pathways Trainer Application is sent to the appropriate regional Early Childhood Enrichment Program.  The program staff will contact the trainer to set up a meeting for special instruction and to receive applicable trainer materials.
  3. The trainer is notified of the Trainer Registry Level she/he has attained and is provided with a Pathways certificate. The certificate is ongoing and trainers are encouraged to actively pursue additional education in the Core Areas of Knowledge (skills).

All trainers are required to comply to the following additional requirements:

  • Register training sessions or events at least four weeks in advance with the regional Early Childhood Enrichment office.
  • Assure training tracking forms are completed correctly and procedures for distribution and submission are followed.
  • Adhere to the core knowledge and competencies as outlined in the “South Dakota Pathways to Professional Development Core Competencies” guide.
  • Promote the Pathway’s Career Lattice at each training event to ensure class participants have knowledge of the program benefits and understand how to apply for the lattice.