Child Care

Child Care Assistance Program

Am I Eligible for Assistance?

The following worksheet allows you to estimate eligibility for child care assistance. However, actual eligibility must be determined by a caseworker.

Print a copy of this page and fill in the income information requested below:

Monthly family gross income from employment $
Monthly net profit from self-employment
*Depreciation is considered countable income
Monthly gross child support income $
All other income sources $

Total Income

Minus any child support YOU pay $



The Division of Child Care Services does not count SSI disability, VA disability, Student Financial Aid, GI Bill, Foster Care allotments, Earned Income Tax Credit, or Rent/Utility allowances as income.

Compare your household income with the chart below. You may be eligible for assistance if your income is within these limits.

Family Size
Adjusted Monthly Income
Based on 175% of Federal Poverty Level
Effective March 1, 2014
each additional member
add approx. $592

Please send a completed application for an accurate assessment of your case. You can obtain an application by visiting any local office or One-Stop Career Center or by one of the following: