Child Care

Education and Training

Early Childhood Enrichment Programs

The 5 Early Childhood Enrichment (ECE) program sites provide a statewide training delivery system for child care providers.

  • ECE program sites were established to meet the growing need for early childhood and out-of-school-time (OST) training and to assist the Division of Child Care Services in efforts to recruit and retain quality child care providers across South Dakota.
  • ECE's offer a variety of services supporting child care providers, teachers and others involved in the care and education of children.
  • ECE programs promote the health, safety and development of young children in early childhood and OST programs by providing ongoing training and technical assistance to adults who are involved in the day-to-day care of young children.
  • Early detection, intervention and prevention services are provided to children in order to promote a "healthy" child.
  • ECE programs offer training opportunities to help licensed or registered child care providers meet mandated training requirements.
  • ECE's offer training to unregulated providers (i.e. relative and/or family friends) who are receiving public funds through the Child Care Assistance Program. Unregulated providers receiving subsidy payments are required to obtain 3 hours of training within the first 6 months they provide care.
  • Registered family child care homes are required to obtain 6 hours of training each year; licensed group child care facilities are required to obtain 10 hours of training each year; and licensed child care centers are required to obtain 20 hours of training each year.