Child Protective Services

Independent Living Program

Conferences and Workshops

Teen Conference

The Teen Conference is a multi-day event held every other summer to give youth an opportunity to experience and gain knowledge of independent living skills. During the conference, youth stay in a dorm to get a feel for what college might be like.

Activities include hands-on skills, completing applications and job interviews, inspirational speakers, workshops and social events.


Workshops are held twice a year across the state to provide teens with the knowledge and skills needed to prepare for successful independent living. The one-day workshops are open to teens age 15 to 18. Pre-registration is required.

Topics include:

  • health and sexuality,
  • drug and alcohol issues,
  • interpersonal and relationship skills,
  • employability skills,
  • housing and transportation,
  • social skills training,
  • emancipation and birth family issues,
  • medical help,
  • wellness,
  • food management,
  • money management and career planning.

For more information on workshops, please contact your nearest Community Resource Person.