Child Protective Services

Independent Living Program


Housing is recognized as an important component of the transition from foster care to independent living.

The Division of Child Protection Services provides housing
assistance to eligible youth who have been in care of the Department in the following areas:

  • Assistance to youth with their first apartment by paying the security deposit and first month’s rent in full as well as a partial payment of the second and third month’s rent.
  • Assistance when extra independent living skills are needed to assist youth with a smooth transition to adulthood. The Department contracts with the following programs to provide transitional living services to youth: Stepping Stones, Volunteers of America-Dakotas, and McCrossan Boys Ranch.

All three programs provide:

  • Pre/post assessment of Independent Living skills and confidence.
  • Youth develop their own case plans.
  • Full case management services.
  • Assistance in accessing appropriate community resources .
  • Finding employment, housing, and other resources.
  • Career exploration and community service opportunities.
  • Three to six months of hands-on experience in running with running a household, paying bills, and using transportation.
  • Cooking, laundry, money management.
  • Supervision from staff.
  • Life skills education.
  • Safe and affordable housing.
  • Rent resources.

For more information on housing assistance contact the local Community Resource People in your area.