Child Protective Services

Common Sense Parenting Program

Do you have to continue to ask your child to do something, whether it be to pick up their clothes or make their bed? Do you get frustrated with your child about something and then completely forget what you wanted to talk to them about in the first place? Do you want to learn how to better praise your child? Father and two sons

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, Common Sense Parenting can help.

Common Sense Parenting is a product of years of research compiled by Girls and Boys Town, Nebraska. This program is a proven, step-by-step guide for raising responsible children and building strong, happy families. It teaches skills to help parents build better families.

The Department of Social Services' Division of Child Protection Services offers Common Sense Parenting to help parents make their homes more peaceful, enjoyable and safe for the whole family.

Topics Covered:

  • Positive/Negative Consequences
  • Staying Calm
  • Teaching Self-Control
  • Parents as Teachers
  • Preventive Teaching
  • Corrective Teaching
  • Behavior and what it is
  • Discipline and what it is
  • Effective Praise
  • Family Meetings

Learn How To:

  • Reduce family stress
  • Support success in school
  • Enrich your relationship with your child
  • Reduce problem behavior
  • Diminish yelling and fighting
  • Increase your confidence as well as your child's

If you are an excited, first-time parent and a little nervous about certain areas, an experienced parent who wants to improve your parenting skills, or a frustrated parent with a rebelious teenager, Common Sense Parenting can help.


  • Common Sense Parenting Annual Report
    This form is for Parenting Education Partners to report demographic information, trainers, trainings held, child abuse prevention and fatherhood activities. This form is to be submitted annually by November 15. The form provides statistical information needed to complete the Federal Submission of Application and State Program Reports.
  • Common Sense Parenting Program Voucher
    This form is used by Parenting Education Partners to request payment after a parenting education class is completed. Parenting Education Partners use this form to report information on each class.

Mail Completed Forms to:

  • South Dakota Department of Social Services
    Division of Child Protection Services
    Common Sense Parenting Program
    Pierre, SD 57501-2291