Assisted Living

Admissions Agreement

Here are some things to keep in mind before you sign the agreement:

  • Is the language in the agreement clearly understandable? Has the family attorney read over the agreement if you have any doubts about certain clauses or statements? Be sure you are comfortable with the agreement and all of the provisions. If there are any terms which appear vague or ambiguous, ask for clarification in writing.
  • What are the conditions under which the assisted living center can terminate the agreement? Are these conditions acceptable and fair? Are the same terms in effect should you decide to leave the facility?
  • Does the agreement specify the procedure which will be taken if you, the resident, require more care than the facility is permitted to provide? For example, if the resident can no longer get out of bed or feed him/herself?
  • Remember: Admission agreements are written to protect the center. Please read the agreement or have your attorney review it so you clearly understand all of the language in it.

  • Does the agreement fail to mention something that you might think is important? For example, if the facility advertises that they provide transportation but when you need it they say it is not available, what recourse do you have to obtain the needed service?
  • Are there any restrictions or limitations in the agreement which make you uncomfortable, and therefore you would prefer not to sign the agreement? For example, are there restrictions on having visitors during certain times of the day or evening? Are you prohibited from having snacks in your room?
  • Do any statements, or did anyone verbally, suggest the resident convert their private assets and income to the facility’s control?