Assisted Living

Extra Costs to Consider

Some facility rates just include room, meals and housekeeping. Any other personal care services, transportation or extra housekeeping tasks may have additional charges. When considering a facility, the rates and services offered, be thinking about your future and not just your current needs.

  • Would the cost for the additional services be reasonable?
  • For any services not covered in the basic monthly rate, such as a phone, cable TV, newspaper delivery, etc. What are the charges for these?
  • Make sure you understand the “fees” or “add-on” costs.
  • The facility must provide in writing to each resident a list of services available in the facility and the charges for such services.
  • The facility must specify the items and services residents won’t be charged for and the items and services that residents may be charged for and the amount of any such charges.
  • Does the facility require a security deposit prior to admission? Ask what the purpose of the fee is and if it is refundable, and if so, under what circumstances.
  • What is the assisted living center’s policy on increasing the monthly rate?
  • Does the facility have an automatic cost of services increase established during the year?
  • How is the resident informed of this increase and is the timeframe reasonable for the notice period?