Assisted Living

Assisted living is a residential alternative promoting maximum independence for each resident through a combination of supportive services and assistance. The definition of assisted living from one state to another may vary and so will the cost and types of service.

Assisted living centers vary in size, style and the optional services they may offer. Small family style living or the larger complex of units can be found in South Dakota. Some facilities are operated by nonprofit organizations, while others are proprietary. In addition, some facilities may be co-located or affiliated with a hospital or nursing facility. Assisted living centers may accept certain restricted admissions if they meet additional licensing requirements under South Dakota Administrative Rules 44:04:04:12.

In South Dakota, the Department of Health is responsible for the licensure and inspection of assisted living centers. The Administrative Rules of South Dakota, Article 44:04, Medical Facilities, specifies the requirements for staffing, operating and resident care.

An assisted living center is any institution, rest home, boarding home, place, building or agency maintained and operated to provide personal care and services which meet some need beyond basic provision of food, shelter and laundry.

In general terms, an assisted living center is required to provide assistance with daily living activities, including eating, bathing, dressing and personal hygiene; three meals a day; supervision of self-administration of medications; laundry service including personal laundry; housekeeping; and 24 hour staffing.

  • Learn about about assisted living in South Dakota, through the Consumer's Guide developed by the Department.
  • The Department provides financial assistance for eligible people in assisted living facilities. For information on eligibility requirements and how to apply, click here.

More information on assisted living centers, this information can also be found in the Consumer's Guide:

Additional resources on assisted living centers:

Admissions Agreement: Every facility must have an admissions agreement which describes the services available to each resident. A checklist has been provided.

Resident's Bill of Rights: This publication is intended to assist residents of assisted living centers in knowing what their rights are and how they pertain to their stay in an assisted living center.

South Dakota Ombudsman Program: The Ombudsman Program helps to ensure quality resident care in assisted living centers. Adult Services and Aging Specialists serve nursing and assisted living residents statewide by investigating and working toward the resolution of their complaints.