Assisted Living

Looking for the Right Facility

If you or someone you know is thinking about moving to an assisted living center, visit the centers in your community, talk to neighbors and friends about the care provided, visit with the center’s staff and perhaps acquaintances who might be living in the center. Ask to review the admissions agreement and any other documents the center requires upon admission. It is also a good idea to request to read their most recent licensure survey.

Questions to Consider Asking

  • Do the residents appear to be well attended?
  • Is the assisted living center clean and odor free?
  • Is there adequate staff for the number of residents?
  • Can a resident bring their personal furniture and belongings?
  • Are there activities, individual or group, offered at the center?
  • Does the resident have privacy during family visits?
  • Do staff know the residents and treat them with respect?
  • During meal time, is the food fresh and appetizing?
  • Would the center consider a short term stay for a trial period?

Facility Lists Available

Residents Rights: Assisted living centers must insure that all residents receive a copy of their rights and that these rights are fully implemented. Administrative rules require assisted living centers to inform residents of these rights both orally and in writing.

The Department of Health, Office of Health Care Facilities Licensure and Certification, provides a list of licensed assisted living centers in South Dakota. The list includes the name of the facility, administrator, address, phone number and number of beds licensed per center.

The Department of Health does not make recommendations on the quality of care provided by the assisted living center; however, it does recommend that interested individuals ask to read the most recent survey of the center. The report will highlight any significant problems identified through the survey process. A Plan of Correction should also be available to document how and when the center intends to correct any survey deficiencies. Centers are required to have a copy of the survey posted and Plan of Correction available for the public to read.