Adoption Services

PRIDE Training

Parent's Resource for Information, Development and Education

PRIDE is a model for the development and support of resource families. It is designed to strengthen the quality of family foster parenting and adoption services by providing a standardized structured framework for recruiting, preparing and selecting foster and adoptive parents.

PRIDE is 30 hours of training for all prospective foster and adoptive families in the State of South Dakota. Through this process, the adoption home study is also completed (at no cost) for families interested in adopting special needs children.

PRIDE training is based on the philosophy that the value of family life for children, however family is defined, is compelling. Because of this, knowledgeable and skilled foster and adoptive parents are integral to providing quality services.

PRIDE's goals are to help:

  1. Meet the protective, developmental, cultural and permanency needs of children placed with foster and adoptive families.

  2. Strengthen families, whether they are families of origin, blended families, extended or kinship families, foster families, adoptive families, or tribal members.

  3. Strengthen the quality of family foster parenting and adoption services by providing a standardized, structured framework for pre-service training and mutual assessment.

Upcoming PRIDE/UNITY Training Classes:

  • Brookings
  • Deadwood
    • 10/11/14-12/06/14
  • Hot Springs
    • 09/10/14-11/12/14
  • Pierre
    • Start 9/9/14
  • Rapid City
    • July 23 - September 24
      • Tuesday nights
      • Contact: Kimberly Cummings at (855) 830-5062
    • September 28 - November 23
      • Saturdays
      • Contact: Jennifer Hartshorn at (855) 830-5062
  • Sioux Falls
    • Contact Lori, Children's Home Society
  • Timber Lake
    • July 15 at 6:00 p.m.
    • Timber Lake School
    • Contact: Alecia Cowins at 605-964-4484 ext 240