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Cabinet Secretary

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South Dakota Medicaid’s Health Homes are a person centered system of care focused on transforming care for high cost, high need Medicaid recipients to improve the patient experience, increase preventive and primary care services while improving outcomes for Medicaid recipients and adding value to the Medicaid program.

Transforming Care

South Dakota Medicaid’s Health Homes is changing the way Medicaid recipients receive care by creating a person-centered care team to meet the needs of the patient. The following measures show how the health home is changing the way individuals receive care.

Increasing Preventive and Primary Care

Health Homes participants have high-cost chronic and/or behavioral health conditions. The goal of Health Homes is to provide care in primary care settings and help participants effectively manage their conditions by increasing preventive care. Overall, primary care has increased by 6%. The measures below show health homes success in increasing preventive screenings.

Improving Patient Experience

Health Homes are tasked with focusing care on the person, including establishing a relationship with health home participants. A positive patient experience helps support the health home model, leading to better continuity of care and better health outcomes. Outcomes in this area are split between primary care clinics and community mental health centers.

Improving Clinical Outcomes

By transforming care, increasing preventive services, and improving the patient experience, Health Homes are able to improve clinical outcomes for patients. The following measures show how clinical outcomes have improved for individuals the longer the individual participates in the program.

 Text Box: Success Story: A 50-Year-Old Female enrolled in the Health Home program since December 2013 has improved health significantly as part of participating in the Health Home Program.  Her starting weight was 245 with a BMI of 44.7 and she is now down to 129 pounds with a BMI of 23.3. She makes all of her dental and eye appointments as well as her yearly wellness exams and mammograms. She has reduced her cholesterol to the point that she was able to stop one medication. She has significantly reduced her smoking and is working toward quitting.

View the full set of Outcome Measures here. Information about how outcome measures are collected and defined is available here.

Cost Effectiveness of the Health Home Program

Analysis of Health Home participant utilization, claims and outcomes show significant progress in achieving cost savings and efficiency for the Medicaid program. A summary of the methodology used to calculate the cost avoidance of Health Homes can be found in written format or PowerPoint.