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Cabinet Secretary

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Health Home Outcome Measures

Health Homes will be required to submit data elements to help the Department of Social Services determine if the Health Home model is successful in South Dakota. Health Home data will be shared with Health Homes after it is aggregated into a summary report. Data will also be submitted to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services as required.

This is the guidance for data submission for 7.1.2016 through 12.31.2016 and 01.01.2017 through 06.30.2017

The outcome measures for PCP Health Homes can be found here.

The outcome measures for CMHC Health Homes can be found here.

The submission template can be found here.

All PCP Health Homes are required to use the Standardized Survey for Primary Care Provider Health Homes.

Directions for uploading the data to HMA can be found here.

Providers will receive claims data for each of their recipients on a monthly basis.  This information can be downloaded from a secure FTP site using the user name and password provided to each Health Home.  The data fields and format can be found here:

Claims Data Extract for Health Home Providers