Health Homes Provider List

Provider List

Choosing Your Health Home Provider (HHP)
There are a few things to consider when choosing an appropriate HHP.

  • * Full Caseloads: HHPs who have an * under the field HHP Status means that they are not accepting new patients. You must be a current patient to select a HHP with a full caseload. HHPs with full caseloads may refuse your care if you are not an established patient. Check with the HHP's office before making the HHP selection if you are unsure you will be accepted. Other HHP Status indicators are:
               **Not taking new OB-pregnancy related patients
  • Correct numbers: Double check that you have the correct HHP and recipient ID numbers on your enrollment form. This can save you from being enrolled with the wrong HHP.
  • Provider Type: Pediatricians usually serve only children. OB/GYN providers only serve women and usually for just pregnancy and gynecology services. Internal Medicine doctors usually serve only adults.
  • Location: Consider how far you must travel to your HHP. Remember, South Dakota winters can make travel very difficult. Selection of HHP's located more than 75 miles from your home may be denied.
  • Special Needs: If you or an eligible family member has special healthcare needs, you should contact the HHP's office before you enroll to ensure that the provider will meet your needs.