Health Homes Training

To listen to the training on Core Services provided on March 26, 2014 from 1:00-3:00 PM CT, open this link, enter your name and your email and click Listen. Training lasts 1:47 minutes. You can also listen to the recording via phone using the following instructions. The powerpoint preentation can be viewed here.

Playback by Phone
1. Dial the phone number shown below based on your location.
     U.S./Canada: 888-899-7904
     International/local: 706-679-5560
2. At the prompt, enter the Playback ID: 146469085 3. Press #.

The following keypad commands are available during the conference playback:
1      Rewind 5 seconds
2      Increase volume
3      Fast forward 5 seconds
4      Rewind 30 seconds
5      Decrease volume
6      Fast forward 30 seconds
7      Decrease speed
8      End playback
9      Increase speed
*      Pause/resume playback
0      Restart playback
#      Help Menu