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September 20 , 2006

South Dakota to Receive $97,132 in SHIP Performance Funds

PIERRE, S.D. South Dakota is among 13 other states who will receive Performance Plus Awards from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on their high-quality performance levels in the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP). South Dakota is expected to receive $97,132 of the $1.5 million available for these awards. These grants are being awarded for the first time because of outstanding performance levels in services delivered to Medicare beneficiaries. The funds must be used to go above and beyond the current services used to provide information, counseling, and assistance to individuals with Medicare.

“We are pleased to receive this grant money,” said Department of Social Services’ Division Director of Adult Services and Aging, Gail Ferris. “Our staff and our SHIP partners with the Senior Health Information and Insurance Education Program (SHIINE) work hard to inform, educate, assist, and advocate for consumers on Medicare and related issues in order for them to make decisions and access resources as needed.” SHIINE is South Dakota’s federally-funded SHIP program.

Eligibility and performance measures for this award money were based on online Medicare Part D enrollment and statistical data during July 1, 2005 and June 30, 2006. The below South Dakota data was gathered during the second quarter, October 1, 2005 – December 31, 2005:

  • Clients served per 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries in the state: 45 per 1,000 compared to the national average of 10.9.
  • Percent of one-on-one client contacts per 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries in the state: 44.9 percent compared to the national average of 23.6 percent.
  • Public and media activities per 10,000 Medicare beneficiaries in the state: 27.7 per 10,000 compared to the national average of 4.5.
  • Percent of clients with the same zip code as the counseling location: 66.8 percent compared to the national average of 20.3 percent.

The State of South Dakota recognizes this as a great accomplishment and efforts to inform and educate Medicare beneficiaries will continue with more events and public awareness.

“The department and our partners do a tremendous job of assisting individuals on Medicare and are well-deserving of this award money. They were a huge asset to eligible South Dakotans, 95 percent, who enrolled in a Medicare Part D Drug Plan this year,” concluded Department of Social Services’ Secretary, Deborah K. Bowman.

For more information on National SHIP Programs, visit To learn about South Dakota’s SHIINE Program, visit or call 1-800-536-8197.