Medical Eligibility

Women's Services

Breast and Cervical Cancer Program

The Breast and Cervical Cancer Program is for South Dakota women who need treatment for breast or cervical cancer, including pre-cancerous conditions and early stage cancer.

Eligibility Requirements

  • A woman must have been screened for breast and cervical cancer under the Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program, administered by the Department of Health.
  • A woman must be uninsured.
  • A woman must meet age requirements.
  • An individual’s yearly income can be up to $23,340 for 2014.
  • Eligibility coverage ends when a woman's course of treatment is completed or the state has determined that she no longer meets the criteria for this eligibility category. (For example, coverage will end if a woman attains age 65 or has insurance coverage.)

Covered Services:

  • Click here to view all covered services.
  • Women who are eligible for this program are entitled to full Medical Assistance coverage. Coverage is not limited to coverage and treatment of breast and cervical cancer.