Medical Services

The Division of Medical Services provides assistance to those who qualify for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) by providing health insurance and paying for medical services such as visits to the doctor, hospital, dentist, chiropractor and more.

The Division of Medical Services is committed to:

  • Improving access to medically necessary medical care.
  • Improving the quality of medical care recipients receive.Doctor Child
  • Ensuring enrolled providers receive payment for covered services in a timely and proficient manner.
  • Continuing access to care for families and recipients.
  • Securing Medicaid payments for services rendered.

South Dakota Medical Electronic Data Exchange (SD MEDX)

SD MEDX enhances our ability to meet the needs of the individuals we serve by offering more efficient claims and payment processes, enabling access to useful information for our providers and recipients, and helping us to manage Medicaid operations more efficiently.

If you recall finding information previously on these Medical Services web pages, you will now need to click on the SD MEDX link provided above as all of our previous information has been converted and updated.

For more information on provider enrollment, please visit "Become a Provider" located here.

For help in navigating through this new system, click here.

Medicaid Advisory Committee