Pharmacy Point-of-Sale: Claim Submission and Testing

Pharmacies that are contemplating point-of-sale (POS) billing or making vendor software system changes should contact the Office of Medical Services prior to implementation to obtain the vendor software system specifications. (This information was included in the November 2, 1996 mailing.)

The point-of-sale system supports submission of test claims. The test numbers to use for POS testing are:

A. For Pharmacy Provider Number use: 8509980


For Pharmacy Name use: Test Drug


For Prescriber Provider Number use: 6003170


For Prescriber Provider Name use: Test Doctor


For Recipient Identification Number use: 31233515248511 or 515248511


For NDC Number use:     

99999999901 (Test Legend Drug)
99999999902 (Test Capture Drug)

Switch companies must be contacted to assist in successful testing.

For NDC Customers: All Leased Line customers should use their test line with NDC; all dial-up customers must dial 800-211-3871 for testing.

Pharmacy Point-of-Sale