Pharmacy Point-of-Sale: Problems or Questions

Print your screen, or write down the exact message on your screen before calling about any problem.

Network Processing Difficulties - The POS system is accessed via one of the pharmacy claims networks contracting with South Dakota Medical Assistance. At times the switch network system may be out of service or unable to exchange information with the state’s computer. If the condition persists, please contact the network’s help desk directly for assistance. The switch companies and their telephone numbers are:

  • NDC Help Desk 1-800-388-2316 24 hrs/7 days

  • Timeshare Help Desk 1-800-333-3672 24 hrs/7 days

  • Emdeon Help Desk 1-800-333-6869 24 hrs/7 days

  • NDC Network Control 1-404-728-2570 24 hrs/7 days

State Processing Difficulties - If the network returns information that state files are out of service, specific messages you may see are as follows:

  • POS Suspense File is out of service
  • Other Master Files are out of service
  • Recipient Master Files are out of service
  • Data field problem in Drug File
  • Drug Pricing File is out of service
  • SDPOS Not Responding (T33)
  • Provider Master File is out of service

If one of these conditions persists more that 20 minutes, record the message you received and contact:

1-605-773-4357 or 1-605-773-HELP

Pharmacies are reminded to call their switch company if there are network difficulties. The State Help Desk is for technical problems such as when a line is down, or a file is down.

The help desk at the state is a computer technical support team and checks incoming transmission lines and main frame files and cannot answer billing and coverage questions. Please rely on the Office of Medical Services’ staff for billing and coverage questions.

  • Questions regarding adjudication, claims submission, adjustments, voids and remittance advice; and format specifications contact:

Meredith Heermann at 1-605-773-5188.

  • Questions regarding pharmacy coverage and policy questions contact:

Mike Jockheck at 1-605-773-3495.

  • Questions on medical assistance claims, covered services or eligibility verification can be directed to the medical assistance provider Support Unit at *1-800-452-7691.

* Toll free telephone number is NOT to be given to recipients. This number is only to be used by the provider.


SDMCD utilizes First Data Bank to maintain its drug pricing file. If you are unable to locate a NDC number, please check your Red Book, Blue Book or other nationally recognized publication. If you notice coverage discrepancies in NDC numbers, you may fax a list to (605) 773-5246 or call a telephone service phone unit at 1-800-452-7691.

Pharmacy Point-of-Sale