Pharmacy Point-of-Sale: Retrospective (DUR)

The retrospective DUR program involves reviews of patient drug history profiles generated from medical assistance paid claims data by a panel of active practicing physicians and pharmacists. The reviews are based upon predetermined standards consistent with the following:

1. American Medical Association Drug Evaluations;
2. United States Pharmacopoeia-Drug Information;
3. American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information, and
4. Peer-reviewed medical literature.

The retrospective review of the patient drug history profiles by the panel of reviewers includes evaluation for:

1. Therapeutic appropriateness;
2. Over and under utilization;
3. Appropriate use of generic products;
4. Therapeutic duplication;
5. Drug-disease contraindications;
6. Drug-drug interactions;
7. Incorrect dosage or duration of therapy; and
8. Clinical abuse/misuse.

Pharmacy Point-of-Sale