Medical Services

Provider Information

Medical Benefits Card

What does the card look like?

It is a magnetic stripe, plastic card like the one show below. The information on the face of the card includes the following:

  • Last Name
  • First Name and Middle Initial (MI)
  • ID Number (9-Digit)
  • Generation Number (3-Digit)
  • DOB
  • Sex

Each individual household member is issued their own card.

***Generation number: This is a number that is automatically added in the system to indicate how many cards an individual has been sent. For example, the very first original plastic card would have a generation number of 001. If the client reports a card is lost the next card would have a generation number of 002, etc. The generation number is not part of the ID number.

How are the cards produced/ordered?

A card will be generated and mailed to eligible individuals within two days of approval for the Medical Assistance Program.

Recipients are to report lost, stolen or damaged cards to their benefits specialist. The benefits specialist will have the capability to "order" replacement cards.

How does the provider determine eligibility?

The Medical Benefits Card does not guarantee Medical Assistance eligibility. The provider is responsible for verifying eligibility through the Department of Social Services, Division of Medical Services. The verification process can take one of two forms:

  • Medical Electronic Verification System: Allows electronic eligibility verification with the Division of Medical Services on a real-time basis. Learn more about this form of verification.
  • Automated Voice Response System: Available through the Division of Medical Services. To access this system dial 1-800-452-7691.