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Healthy Kids Klub

Healthy Kids Klub helps take care of children in South Dakota at *little or no cost. The Healthy Kids Klub is a comprehensive health care program. Children from birth to age 21 who are receiving medical assistance from the Department of Social Services are eligible for the Healthy Kids Klub.

How Do I Begin?
Simple. A checkup -- a Healthy Kids Klub checkup. Regular visits to a Primary Care Provider (PCP), whether your child is sick or not. With regular checkups, your PCP can keep tabs on your child’s health and detect possible problems. These checkups include an examination and evaluation of your child’s general physical and mental health, growth, development and nutritional status, vision, hearing and dental health status. Whether your child is an infant or teen, regular medical checkups are necessary. In some cases, lifesaving.

What about immunizations and blood lead testing?
If there is one thing you can do to keep your child healthy, it’s to make sure your child’s immunizations are current. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, your child is not safe without immunizations. Equally important is to make sure your child gets his or her immunizations on time.

Children should also be tested for lead in their blood at ages 12 and 24 months. If your child is younger than six years old and has never been tested, talk with your PCP. He or she may advise more frequent testing. 

What do I do next?
When it comes to your child’s health care, don’t wait for something to happen. Stay ahead of the game and become a part of the Healthy Kids Klub today. If your child is receiving medical assistance, make an appointment for your child’s Healthy Kids Klub checkup. When your child goes to the checkup, you must bring his or her immunization records and current Medical Benefits ID card.

In addition, immunizations, physical and developmental screenings, and health education services may be available through your local community health nurse.

If your child is not sick, why make an appointment?
Each year, thousands of children are diagnosed with illnesses and problems that otherwise may never have been found, if not for a regular checkup. Plus, it’s an easy way to keep up-to-date on your child’s immunizations. Chances are your child is healthy, but a quick checkup will help you make sure.

When should I make an appointment for my child?
Most often, there is simply no clear-cut message that tells you your child may be in need of medical care, dental care, or hearing and vision services. If you’re not sure when to make an appointment for your child, take a look at the suggested checkup and immunization schedule listed below. If you need further information regarding the Healthy Kids Klub, ask your PCP or contact the South Dakota Department of Social Services Medical Assistance Program at (605) 773-3495.

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