Money Follows the Person Services

MFP won't pay for everything, but most essential items and activities necessary foryour transitioning will be covered.

This includes services and items such as:


  • moving expenses
  • travel to/from medical appointments
  • daily needs (getting groceries or running other necessary errands)


  • Help in finding and setting up appropriate housing
  • Rental security and utility deposits
  • Necessary household goods, supplies, furnishings
  • Adaptive Equip-safety grab bars, etc.
  • Home Mods-accessibility

Consumer Preparations:

  • Training and consultation to help prepare for community living again
  • Skills building that would assist in community living
  • Education and support to family other care givers

Crisis Interventions:

  • Problem solving
  • Behavioral management skills training if challenging behaviors are a barrier to moving

Assistive technology:

  • Consumer needs and durable medical equipment