125 Family Activities

To celebrate South Dakota's 125th birthday, the Department of Social Services encourages families to enjoy family time by incorporating this list of activities from the past and present.

  1. Attend a baseball game.
  2. Attend a rodeo.
  3. Blow soap bubbles, using different bubble-making tools.
  4. Bob for apples.
  5. Build a bird house.
  6. Build a fort.
  7. Build a gingerbread house.
  8. Build a raft or small sailboat.
  9. Build a snow fort.
  10. Build a snowman.
  11. Check out a book at the library about a different culture.
  12. Climb a tree.
  13. Collect different kinds of leaves.
  14. Create a project out of rocks, plants, etc.
  15. Cut out a snowflake.
  16. Do 20 jumping jacks.
  17. Draw with colored chalk on the sidewalk.
  18. Dress up like a clown.
  19. Eat some watermelon and spit out the seeds.
  20. Explore a cave.
  21. Find a geocache.
  22. Finger or toe paint.
  23. Fly a kite.
  24. Get a personal library card.
  25. Go bird watching.
  26. Go camping.
  27. Go fishing.
  28. Go on a hike.
  29. Go on a picnic.
  30. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  31. Go on an old-fashioned hayride.
  32. Go sledding.
  33. Go swimming.
  34. Go to a fair, carnival or amusement park.
  35. Go to a parade.
  36. Go to a park to play.
  37. Go to camp.
  38. Have a pen pal from a different country.
  39. Have a snowball fight.
  40. Help bake cookies or a cake for a bake sale.
  41. Help carve a jack-o-lantern.
  42. Help organize a neighborhood clean-up day.
  43. Help with household chores.
  44. Hunt for bugs.
  45. Hunt for fossils.
  46. Learn a dance.
  47. Learn a magic trick.
  48. Learn a simple science experiment.
  49. Learn about a different country.
  50. Learn about constellations and go star gazing.
  51. Learn about dinosaurs.
  52. Learn about the South Dakota Governor.
  53. Learn about the state bird.
  54. Learn about the state flower, and color a picture of it.
  55. Learn about traditions of other cultures.
  56. Learn about your family history.
  57. Learn about the flags of other nations.
  58. Learn about your town or city.
  59. Learn all of the state capitals.
  60. Learn how to bead.
  61. Learn how to dip candles.
  62. Learn how to ice skate.
  63. Learn how to knit.
  64. Learn how to make a quilt square.
  65. Learn how to make kuchen.
  66. Learn how to ski.
  67. Learn how to take pictures.
  68. Learn how to use a compass.
  69. Learn to blow a bubble gum bubble.
  70. Learn to do a cartwheel.
  71. Learn to jump rope.
  72. Learn to play Chess and Checkers.
  73. Learn to play Hearts, and other classic card games.
  74. Learn to play marbles.
  75. Learn to ride a horse.
  76. Learn to whistle.
  77. Make a book.
  78. Make a corn husk doll.
  79. Make a daisy chain.
  80. Make a paper hat out of newspaper.
  81. Make a pinwheel.
  82. Make a snow angel.
  83. Make a trail with sticks.
  84. Make mud pies.
  85. Make Oobleck.
  86. Make popcorn balls.
  87. Make something out of play dough.
  88. Paint a mural.
  89. Participate in a race.
  90. Pick up litter in the park.
  91. Plant a garden.
  92. Plant a tree.
  93. Play hide and seek.
  94. Play pick up sticks.
  95. Play Simon Says.
  96. Play a musical instrument.
  97. Play classic board games, like LIFE, Monopoly, and Clue.
  98. Play hopscotch.
  99. Put on a puppet show for little children.
  100. Rake leaves in the fall.
  101. Read a book.
  102. Ride a bike.
  103. Roast marshmallows over a campfire.
  104. Roll down a really big hill.
  105. Run through a sprinkler.
  106. See a drive-in movie.
  107. See a fireworks display.
  108. Skip a stone over water.
  109. Spend time with an elderly person.
  110. Start a collection (bugs, stamps, buttons, etc.)
  111. Start a scrapbook.
  112. Take a walk.
  113. Take care of a pet.
  114. Tell a story.
  115. Try a special food from a different culture.
  116. Try rock climbing.
  117. Visit a farm.
  118. Visit a museum or cultural center.
  119. Visit a zoo, and learn about animals.
  120. Visit or learn about Mount Rushmore.
  121. Visit the Badlands and learn why they are there.
  122. Visit the state capitol building in Pierre and find a sky blue tile.
  123. Volunteer to help others.
  124. Watch a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.
  125. Write in a journal or diary.