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 Managed Care

Managed Care Program

The Managed Care Program is designed to improve access to medical care for Medicaid/CHIP recipients as well as improve the quality of care they receive by giving them a medical home.

The majority of recipients who qualify for Medicaid/CHIP are required to participate in the Managed Care Program. Recipients either choose or are assigned a Primary Care Provider (PCP). This allows the recipient and their physician to develop a relationship in which the best medical care can be provided.

As a managed care recipient, you are required to receive non-emergent managed care services from your Primary Care Provider (PCP). You are also required to have a referral (permission) from your PCP for non-emergent specialty and hospital services. You can receive certain services called Managed Care Exempt Services from other providers without a referral from your PCP.

Recipients eligible for the following programs must participate in Managed Care:

Recipient Information:

Through the Managed Care Program, eligible recipients receive a continuity of care from one chosen primary care provider (PCP) or clinic. When specialty care is required, recipients are referred by their PCP to ensure a consistent plan of care is continued throughout treatment.