Crime Victims' Compensation Program

The South Dakota Crime Victims' Compensation Program provides monetary assistance to victims of violent crimes. This program, administered by the Department of Social Services, can pay victims of state, tribal, or federal crimes, a maximum of $15,000 for expenses incurred as a direct result of personal injury or death.

Expenses must be reasonable in amount and may include:

  • medical expenses;
  • mental health counseling expenses;
  • mileage;
  • funeral and burial expenses;
  • loss of earnings or support;
  • dental and prosthetic devices;
  • eyeglasses or corrective lenses;
  • homicide scene cleanup expenses;
  • replacement costs for personal property used as evidence, and
  • other similar expenses.

Compensation cannot be paid for property losses, attorney's fees, or pain and suffering. In addition, the program is a last resort for payment. In most cases, payments can only be made if there is no other source of payment including private health insurance for the victim, other public programs, etc. However, there are no income requirements.

Compensation can be paid for expenses for the primary victim as well as limited compensation for secondary victims including family members of a homicide victim, the spouse of a rape victim and parents of a child who has been physically or sexually abused.
Not all victims qualify for assistance. Program staff determine if the victim is eligible for assistance after the victim or claimant has filed an application and the information verified.