Domestic Abuse Program

Sexual Assault Information Centers (Counseling, Referrals and/or Pregnancy Testing)

Brown County Community Health Center
Aberdeen: 626-2628
(Pregnancy Testing, Referrals, Education, STD Testing)

Safe Harbor
Aberdeen: 225-1212 or
(Counseling, Referrals, Shelter)

Catholic Family Services
Aberdeen: 1-888-471-4673
Outreach Offices in Britton and Webster (Counseling, Referrals)

Northeastern Mental Health Center
Aberdeen: 225-1010
(In-patient/Out-patient Therapy Groups)

Lutheran Social Services
Aberdeen: 229-1500 or 1-800-584-9248
Outreach Office in Mobridge
(Counseling, Referrals)

SDSU Student Health Clinic
Brookings: 688-6622
(Regency Testing, Referrals, Education, STD testing)

East Central Behavioral Health
Brookings: 697-2850
(Counseling, Referrals, Out-patient Groups, Psychological Testing)

Brookings Domestic Abuse Shelter
Brooking: 692-SAFE (7233)
(Counseling Referrals, Assist with Rape Exam, Support Groups, Shelter, Obtain and Assist with Victim's Compensation Application, Protection & Stalking Orders)

Dakota Counseling
Chamberlain: 734-6535

Missouri Valley Crisis Center
Chamberlain: 234-5155
(Referrals, Shelter, Advocacy, Protection and Stalking Orders)

Women Escaping a Violent Environment
Custer: 1-800-424-3574
(Advocacy, Shelter)

Indian Health Services
Eagle Butte: 964-3007 or 964-7724
(Counseling Services, Rape Examinations, Referrals)

Sacred Heart Women's Shelter 
Eagle Butte: 964-SAFE(7233) or
(Sexual Assault Response Team, Counseling Referrals, Shelter, Rape Crisis Team)

Catholic Social Services
Eagle Butte: 1-800-727-2401
(Counseling, Referrals)

Faith Community Health Center

Faith: 967-2644 or
(Referrals, Counseling, Assist with Rape Examinations)

Wholeness Center
Flandreau: 997-3535 
24-hr Crisis Line: 997-5594
(Referrals, Shelter, Advocacy Services, Counseling)

Project "SAFE"
Ft. Thompson: 245-2471 or 1-800-SAFE-039
24-hr Police Hotline: 245-2351
(Counseling, Referrals, Shelter, Advocacy Services, Restraining and Protection)

Gregory County Domestic Violence
Gregory: 775-2220 or 1-800-658-3486 (Referral, Shelter, Housing)

Highmore Clinic
Highmore: 852-2238
(Pregnancy Testing, Referrals, STD & HIV Testing)

Behavior Management Systems, Inc.
Hot Springs: 745-6222
(Counseling, Medication Management)

Horizon Health Care
Howard: 772-4574
(Pregnancy Testing, Counseling, Referrals)

Community Counseling Services
Huron: 352-8596
(Counseling, Referrals, Medical Checks by Psychiatrist, Psychological Testing)

Women's Health and Education Center
Huron: 352-8384
(Pregnancy Testing, Referrals, Education, STD Testing)

YWCA Family Violence Program
Huron: 461-9087
(Crisis Counseling, Legal and Medical ADvocacy, Referrals, Shelter)

Jan Manolis Family Safe Center:
Huron: 605-554-0398 or 605-350-6663 or 605-350-6690 (Counseling, Shelter, Financial and Legal Assistance)

Isabel Community Clinic, Inc.
Isabel: 466-2120 or 1-800-568-2529
(Rape Examinations, Pregnancy Testing, Referrals)

Native American Women's Health Education
Resource Center

Lake Andes: 487-7072
(Rape Advocacy, Shelter, Court Advocacy)

Three Rivers Mental Health & Chemical Dependency Center
Lemmon: 374-3862 or 1-800-658-3900 (Counseling, Referrals, Group Therapy, Preventive Education)

Lemmon: 244-SAFE(7233) or 374-5823 (Advocacy, Referrals, Shelter, Support Groups, Children's Support)

Lennox Area Medical Center
Lennox: 647-2841
(Pregnancy Testing, Referrals)

Madison Domestic Violence Network
Madison: 480-2721
(Referral, Shelter, Advocacy)

White Buffalo Calf Women's Society
Mission: 856-2317
(Referrals, Advocacy, Shelter, Support Groups)

Catholic Social Services
Mission: 856-2354 or 1-800-727-2401 (Counseling, Referrals)

Dakota Mental Health Center
Mitchell: 996-9686
(Counseling, Referrals)

Mitchell Area Family Planning
Mitchell: 995-8040
(STD Testing, Counseling, Pregnancy Testing, Education)

Catholic Family Services
Mitchell: 1-888-496-2273
Outreach Offices in Chamberlain and Huron (Counseling, Referrals)

Tanta's House (Mitchell Area Safehouse)
Mitchell: 996-4440 or
(Referrals, Shelter, Support Group, Advocacy Services)

Capital Area Counseling
Pierre: 224-5811
(Counseling, Referrals, Mental Health Therapy)

Catholic Family Services
Pierre: 1-888-503-8255
Outreach Offices in Gettysburg and Highmore (Counseling, Referrals)

Pierre Area Family Planning
Pierre: 773-4937 
(Pregnancy Testing, Referrals, Education, STD Testing)

South Dakota Coalition Ending Domestic and Sexual Violence
Pierre: 945-0869 or 1-800-572-9196 (Referrals)

Missouri Shores Domestic Violence Center
Pierre: 224-0256 or
(Referrals, Emotional Support, Emergency Shelter, Counseling, Legal & Medical Advocacy)

Behavioral Health
Pine Ridge: 867-3100
(Counseling, Referrals)

Lutheran Social Services
Rapid City: 348-0477 or 1-800-260-1439
Outreach Office in Sturgis
(Counseling, Referrals)

Behavior Management Systems
Rapid City: 343-7262
(Counseling, Referrals, Crisis Hotline)

Catholic Social Services
Rapid City: 348-6086 or 1-800-727-2401 (Counseling, Referrals)

Rapid City Community Health Center
Rapid City: 394-6665
(Referrals, Pregnancy Testing, Education, STD Testing)

Working Against Violence, Inc.
Rapid City: 341-2046 or
(Counseling, Referrals, Shelter, Advocacy, Support Group)

Youth and Family Services
Rapid City: 342-4195 or 1-800-YFS-9832 (Counseling, Referrals)

Family Crisis Center
Redfield: 472-3097
(Counseling, Referrals, Shelter, Housing, Support Groups)

YWCA Family Crisis Center
Redfield: 461-9087
(Crisis Counseling, Legal and Medical Advocacy, Referrals, Shelter)

McGreeny Clinic Avera
Salem: 425-2855
(Referrals, Pregnancy Testing, STD Testing)

The Compass Center
Sioux Falls: 339-0116 or
(Family Violence Project, Referrals, Advocacy Services, Crisis Line)

Sanford Clinic Downtown Healthcare
Sioux Falls: 334-5099
(Pregnancy Testing, Referrals, Education, STD Testing)

Catholic Family Services
Sioux Falls: 988-3775 or 1-800-700-7867
Outreach Offices in Brookings, Madison, Yankton
(Counseling, Referrals)

Help Line
Sioux Falls: 339-4357
(Crisis Counseling, Referrals)

Keystone Outreach Program
Sioux Falls: 335-1820 or 1-800-992-1921
(Family & Individual Counseling, Referrals, Alcohol & Chemical)

Community Health Center
Sioux Falls: 367-8793
(Rape Exams, Pregnancy Testing, STD Testing)

Lutheran Social Services
Sioux Falls: 1-800-568-2401 or 357-0131
Outreach Offices in Brookings, Mitchell, Yankton
(Counseling, Referrals)

Southeastern Behavior HealthCare
Sioux Falls: 336-0510

The South Dakota Network Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault
Sioux Falls: 731-0041 or 1-800-670-3989 (Referrals)

Women's Circle Support Services
Sisseton: 698-4129 or 1-800-200-4492
(Assist at Doctors, Medical, Personal & Legal Advocacy)

Behavior Management Systems
Spearfish: 642-2777
(Counseling, Psychiatric Consultation)

Family Health Education Services
Spearfish: 642-6337
(Pregnancy Testing, Referrals, Education, STD Testing)

Catholic Social Services
Spearfish: 1-800-727-2401
(Counseling, Referrals)

Victim's of Violence Intervention Program/Artemis House
Spearfish: 642-7825 or 1-800-999-2348
(Domestic Violence Shelter, Rape Advocacy, Counseling, Referrals)

Crisis Intervention Shelter Services
Sturgis: 347-0050
(Shelter, Advocacy, Information and Referral)

Catholic Social Services
Sturgis: 348-6086 or 1-800-727-2401 (Counseling, Referrals)

USD Psychological Services Center
Vermillion: 677-5354

Vermillion Family Planning
Vermillion: 638-8681
(Referrals, Pregnancy Testing, STD Testing, Education)

Domestic Violence Safe Options Services
Vermillion: 624-5311
(Referrals, Shelter, Court Advocacy)

Watertown Family Medical
Watertown: 882-1852
(Referrals, Pregnancy Testing, STD Testing, Education)

Watertown Resource Center
Watertown: 886-4300 or 1-800-660-8014
(Counseling, Referrals, Rape Crisis Team, Domestic Violence, Rape Shelter, Support Groups)

Lutheran Social Services
Watertown: 882-2740 or 1-800-568-7116
Outreach Offices in Milbank and Sisseton (Counseling, Referrals)

Human Service Agency
Watertown: 886-0123 or 1-800-444-3989 (Counseling, Referrals)

Catholic Family Services
Watertown: 1-886-700-2376
Outreach office in Milbank
(Counseling, Referrals)

Horizon Health Care
Wessington Springs: 539-1767 or 1-800-584-7036
(Counseling, Referrals, Pregnancy Testing, STD Testing)

Southern Plains Behavioral Health Center
Winner: 842-1465 or FAX 842-2366
(Counseling, Referrals, Psychiatric/Psychological Testing)

Winner Resource Center
Winner: 842-2736 or 1-877-695-0558 (Advocacy, Shelter, Referrals)

Lewis and Clark Behavioral Health Services
Yankton: 665-4606 or
(Counseling, Referrals, Psychiatric Testing)

Yankton Women's Shelter
Yankton: 665-4811
Crisis Line: 665-1448
(Referrals, Counseling, Support Group, Advocacy Services, Shelter)

Yankton Family Planning
Yankton: 665-8838
(Referrals, Pregnancy Testing, Education, STD Testing)