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Licensing Information

When children are removed from their home by law enforcement or through a court order to ensure their safety, the Department of Social Services is granted custody, through state court and custody or placement, care and supervisor by tribal courts, of the children and they are placed with a safe and stable resource. 

Foster homes and facilities providing this type of service are defined as Child Welfare Agencies and must be licensed. Licensing is intended to ensure agencies maintain an acceptable standard of care and provide a safe environment for children. 

The following agencies must be licensed:

  • Family Foster Homes
  • Group Care Centers for Minors
  • Residential Treatment Centers
  • Intensive Residential Treatment Centers
  • Independent Living Preparation Programs
  • Child Placement Agencies

Foster families and child welfare agencies are licensed by the Office of Licensing and Accreditation.

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Email with questions related to licensing of Group Care Centers for Minors, Residential Treatment Centers, Intensive Residential Treatment Centers, Independent Living Preparation Programs and Child Placement Agencies.

List of agency licenses, license reviews, and corrective action plans.