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Personal Responsibility Plan (PRP)

Your employment specialist will work with you to develop your own Personal Responsibility Plan (PRP). You should think of this plan as a guide to help you become self-sufficient and employed. Your plan shows your strengths and skills and outlines ways for you to reach your work goals. Your plan will specify your work activity and how many hours you are required to participate.

Your PRP is a very important document. It contains:

  • Job and employment choices you are interested in working.
  • A summary of your strengths and skills.
  • The required number of hours of work participation.
  • Objectives and related actions to meet employment goals and become self-sufficient.
  • Your signature and employment specialist’s signature and date.

Some general guidelines for preparing a PRP are:

  1. A PRP should focus on employment.

  2. The PRP has to be flexible and needs to be revised as circumstances change.

  3. PRP objectives must be realistic -- a series of small achievements that can be accomplished, as opposed to a large goal that can seem overwhelming.

Preparing a Personal Responsibility Plan:

One of the first steps your employment specialist will do is complete an assessment or evaluation of your job skills and strengths. The employment specialist will also identify any problems you may have with transportation or child care. The assessment covers the following areas:

Work History

  • Will work history or reference be a problem?
  • Is training needed?
  • Is there a job market for your current job skills?


  • Summary of prior education and training?
  • Date education or training was completed?
  • Current educational status?
  • Is job testing needed or completed?


  • Rents or own?
  • Lives with others?
  • Subsidized or unsubsidized?


  • Do you have a vehicle (year & model)?
  • Does the vehicle need repairs?
  • Do you have valid drivers license?
  • Do you have auto insurance?
  • Is public transportation available?

Child Care

  • Is child care available?
  • Has referral been made for child care services?
  • Needs help in finding child care?
  • Does child have special needs?

Life Circumstances

  • Visitation with absent parent?
  • Joint custody?
  • Help with child care?
  • Child support amount (received regularly)?

Special Needs of the Family

  • School discipline problems?
  • Geographic location?
  • Alcohol or drug addiction?
  • Medical or health problems?

Personal Support

  • Family, In-laws?
  • Friends?
  • Church, other organizations?