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Work Requirements

TANF participants are required to work in allowable work activities a minimum of 30 hours each week. If you have a child under six years old, your weekly minimum requirement is 20 hours.

A Personal Responsibility Agreement is a written and signed agreement between you and the TANF Program. You must agree to the following:

  • TANF assistance is temporary.
  • TANF is a work program.
  • It is your responsibility to find and keep work.
  • You will accept responsibility for yourself and your children.
  • You will follow all program conditions such as developing a work plan, keeping appointments, participating in a work activity, completing and submitting time sheets, and making sure your children attend school.

Your Personal Responsibility Plan will tell you what work activities you have and how many hours you must work. It is very important that you follow the activities you’ve outlined in your Personal Responsibility Plan.