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Per Member Per Month (PMPM)

Health Homes are paid on a Per Member Per Month (PMPM) basis for providing the 6 core services. The payment is made on a retrospective basis every quarter for each recipient who is provided a core service during the quarter.  Each recipient is placed in one of 4 Tiers using the Chronic Illness and Disability Payment System (CDPS). Each Tier for each type of Health Home has a different PMPM payment as outlined below. Payments can be found on our Provider Fee Schedule page.

Quality Incentive Payments

DSS has made Quality Incentive Payments based on CY2020 and CY2021 data to the following clinic locations based on the results of their outcomes data.

Clinic Payments CY2020 | CY2021

The methodology used to calculate these payments is summarized in the documents below.

Methodology CY2020 | CY2021

Information about this payment can also be found on Health Home Quality Incentive Payments.

Fee Schedule CY2020 | CY2021