Laurie Gill
Cabinet Secretary

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Staff and Program Directory

Here you will find detailed descriptions of the different divisions and programs within the department, who to contact for each area and how to contact them.

Cabinet Secretary
Provides administration and direction to all areas of the Department of Social Services.
Contact: Laurie Gill: 605.773.3165

  • Deputy Secretary
    Contact: Brenda Tidball-Zeltinger: 605.773.3165

  • Deputy Secretary
    Contact: Amy Iversen-Pollreisz: 605.773.3165

  • Administrative Rules
    Administrative Rules are statements of general applicability; which implement, interpret, or prescribe the actions that may be taken by the programs administered by the department.
    Contact: Teresa Schulte 605.773.3165

  • Constituent Liaison
    Provides information to the public about services in our department. This individual receives and investigates complaints and ensures they are responded to in a comprehensive and timely manner.
    Contact: Teresa Campbell: 1.800.597.1603

  • Communications Director
    Provides a system of mass communication services related to public relations, web development, media relations and other information pertinent to the public. 605.773.3165
  • Office of Administrative Hearings
    Holds hearings and determines issues if persons are affected by the department’s actions concerning Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medical Assistance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Child Care Services, Central Registry for Child Abuse and Neglect matters within the Division of Child Protection Services, Low Income Energy Assistance and Child Support Enforcement.
    Contact: Eric Monson, Chief Hearing Examiner: 605.773.6851

  • Recoveries and Fraud Investigations
    Provides benefit fraud investigations, recovers Medicaid expenses from third party resources, administers the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program and is responsible for recovery of all debts owed through the department.
    Contact: Brandin Seibel: Program Administrator: 605.773.3653

  • Statistical Information
    Provides statistical information and data analysis for the department.
    Contact: 605.773.3165

Accounting and Finance, Chief Financial Officer
Provides support services to oversee and manage the department’s budget and financial operations.
Contact: Laurie Mikkonen: 605.773.3165

Division of Behavioral Health Services, Division Director
Ensures children and adults with mental health disorders and chemical dependency in South Dakota communities have the opportunity to choose and receive effective services needed to promote resilience and recovery.
Contact: Tiffany Wolfgang: 605.773.3123 or 1.855.878.6057

Division of Child Care Services, Division Director
Provides assistance to low-income families who need help with child care costs while parents work or attend school. They also provide oversight, technical assistance and support in promoting safe, healthy and caring environments for children through licensing, registration and quality improvement activities.
Contact: Vacant: 605.773.4766 or 1.800.227.3020

  • Child Care Licensing Provides accurate information pertaining to the licensing of child care facilities in South Dakota.
    Contact: Carroll Forsch: 605.773.7176

  • Child Care Assistance Provides Federal Child Care and Development Block Grant funds to help low-income families pay for the child care as they work, attend school, or both.
    Contact: Laura Menning: 605.773.7274

Division of Child Protection Services, Division Director
Works with families in difficult situations by receiving and assessing reports of child abuse and neglect, providing services to families and connecting parents with resources to help increase their ability to keep children safe. The Division also administers the state's foster care and adoption services and licensing of child welfare agencies.
Contact: Virgena Wieseler: 605.773.3227

Division of Child Support, Division Director
Helps parents establish a financial partnership to support their children when they do not live together. They also help locate non-custodial parents, establish paternity and enforce child support orders and collect and process support payments.
Contact: Gail Stoltenburg: 605.773.3641

Division of Economic Assistance, Division Director
Provides medical, nutritional, financial, and case management services to promote the well-being of lower income families, children, people with disabilities, and the elderly.
Contact: Carrie Johnson: 605.773.4678

  • Auxiliary Placement
    Provides educational placement assistance for children in care of the department.
    Contact: Megan Newling: Program Specialist: 605.773.3448

  • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
    Provides health insurance at little or no cost for South Dakota children who meet certain eligibility requirements.
    Call Toll Free: 1.800.305.3064 or email.

  • Community Assistance Program
    South Dakota Community Action Agencies provide programs and services to low-income South Dakotans. Services vary by agency and may include weatherization, community transportation, food pantries, and emergency services.
  • Energy and Weatherization Assistance
    Provides assistance to low income families to help them pay for their heating bills and weatherize their homes.
    Contact: David Gall: 605.773.3766 or 1.800.233.8503

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
    Provides assistance to low income families to help them buy food to remain healthy.
    Contact: Alex Mayer, Program Administrator: 605.773.3493 or 1.877.999.5612

  • Medical Eligibility
    Provides medical assistance for individuals, families, and children who are eligible.
    Contact: Sam Masten, Program Administrator: 605.773.4678

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
    Provides temporary monthly cash to assist families in need.
    Contact: Angie Sam, Program Administrator: 605.773.4678

  • Quality Control
    Provides assurance that government dollars are properly spent when determining eligibility for the different services through our division.
    Contact: Mary Davis, Program Specialist (Spearfish): 605.642.6130

Division of Legal Services, Division Director
Provides legal services to the department secretary as well as to other programs within the department.
Contact: Laura Ringling: 605.773.3305

  • Discrimination Complaints
    Ensures program services and benefits are available to every qualified applicant without regard to race, color, sex, age, disability, religion and national origin. Call: 605.773.3305

    Ensures the confidentiality of individual health information and increases their access to personal medical records. Call: 605.773.3165

  • Public Hearings and Legal Notices
    View the most current hearings and other legal notices held by the Department.

  • Ensures all open and public record requests are handled in a timely and effective manner based on the intent of the request.
    • To submit a request for public record, please contact the Division of Legal Services at 605.773.3305 or send a written request to the Division of Legal Services, 700 Governors Drive, Pierre, SD 57501.

Division of Medical Services, Division Director
Oversees all areas of the Medicaid Program, except for the eligibility criteria which is handled by the Division of Economic Assistance. This division works with all enrolled South Dakota Medicaid providers.
Contact: Bill Snyder: 605.773.3495

  • Provider Information: 1.800.452.7691

  • Recipient Information: 1.800.597.1603

  • South Dakota Medical Electronic Data Exchange (SD MEDX) SD MEDX enhances our ability to meet the needs of the individuals we serve by offering more efficient claims and payment processes, enabling access to useful information for our providers and recipients, and helping us to more effectively manage Medicaid operations.

Human Services Center, Administrator
Provides individuals who are mentally ill or chemically dependent with effective, individualized professional treatment enabling them to achieve their highest level of personal independence in the most therapeutic environment.
Contact: Jeremy Johnson : 605.668.3100