Lynne A. Valenti
Cabinet Secretary
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NameDate CompletedExpiration Date
Abourezk, Ilyani Lena 6/27/20166/27/2020
Aldridge, Donna 12/29/201712/29/2021
Aldridge, Sarah 10/07/201510/07/2019
Allen, Randy 12/29/201512/29/2019
Alten-Osmera, Christy 2/24/20172/24/2021
Ambroson, Tami 6/25/20176/25/2021
Amdahl, Lynn 11/06/201711/06/2021
Amiotte, Robyn 11/28/201711/28/2021
Anderson, Debrah 12/04/201512/04/2019
Anderson, Jennifer 12/17/201812/17/2022
Anderson, Joy 6/08/20166/08/2020
Anderson, June 2/26/20162/26/2020
Anderson, Kassandra 10/11/201710/11/2021
Anderson, Katelyn 7/27/20187/27/2022
Anderson, Paige 12/11/201812/11/2022
Anderson, Sylvia 2/05/20162/05/2020
Appletoft-Knie, Eline 11/15/201711/15/2021
Arens-Beauchamp, Tammy 8/28/20188/28/2022
Armstrong, Heather 1/08/20191/08/2023
Arnswald, Stacey 1/08/20191/08/2023
Eligibility of QMHP is based on completion of training, verification of licensure, education and supervision at the time of registration.
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