Amy Iversen-Pollreisz
Interim Secretary

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Health Home Program

South Dakota’s Health Homes program offers enhanced health care services to eligible Medicaid recipients who have qualifying chronic conditions or a severe mental illness or emotional disturbance.

A Health Home provides:

  • Care focused on you as a whole person
  • A connection to other health care and community resources such as transportation and other assistance you might need
  • The right care when and where you need it
  • Help to answer your questions about your health
  • Information to help you live a healthy life
  • Help to plan for your health needs
  • Help to manage your medications and medical treatments

A Health Home is not:

  • A Health Home is not Home Health services provided in the home.
  • A Health Home is not a place to live

You have a right to say no to Health Homes. If you say no to Health Homes, your Medicaid benefits will not change. If you do not want to participate, please complete the Decline to Participate Form.