Lynne A. Valenti
Cabinet Secretary

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May 22, 2007

State Launches Web-Based
South Dakota Connect
Information Gateway for all Citizens

PIERRE, S.D. South Dakota Connect, a new service-oriented website launches today and connects all citizens, state employees and others alike to the most frequently requested services and programs available through the Departments of Social Services, Human Services and Health. South Dakota Connect is an information gateway for individuals to quickly find services and resources, without knowing the name of a certain program or which program belongs to which Department.

The need exists for citizens to be able to find the information about similar services in their communities and statewide without knowing the right Department or terminology. South Dakota Connect provides anyone with access to an Internet-enabled device the ability to quickly obtain valuable information as it relates to similar services through the Departments of Social Services, Human Services and Health.

“It is not always easy for citizens in our state to know which services are offered by our three Departments (Social Services, Human Services, and Health),” stated Department of Social Services’ Secretary Deb Bowman. “South Dakota Connect will give them the opportunity to connect with the services they are seeking in different ways and in whatever way they are comfortable.”

Accessing information through South Dakota Connect can be done in multiple ways:

  • Search all of South Dakota Connect at once;
  • Search the Departments of Social Services, Human Services and Health individually;
  • Search all of State Government; or
  • Search specific information through keywords and frequently asked questions.

The site also includes contact information for each of the three agencies in all areas throughout the state where offices are located.

If you need more information, please contact any of the following Departments:

  • Department of Social Services:
    Emily Currey at 605-773-3165
  • Department of Human Services:
    Velda Bartel at 605-773-5990
  • Department of Health:
    Barb Buhler at 605-773-3361