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If you need assistance about how to navigate through and log in to SD MEDX, please visit: Navigating through SD MEDX.

Software Compatibility


In order to use SD MEDX, your browser must be capable of running Java. For more information on Java and to check if your computer has Java, you can go to the Java Website.

Browser Options

SD MEDX was designed to take advantage of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0.

Adobe Acrobat TM and PDF Files

SD MEDX contains many downloadable documents. Often times these documents will be in a Portable Document Format (PDF) which allows you to view the document on your screen as though you were looking at a printed page. A PDF can be recognized as such because the file name ends with ".pdf" and requires a PDF viewer.

Spreadsheet Files

In addition to PDF documents, some areas of SD MEDX allow you to export data to a ".xls" file. These files are typically associated with Microsoft Excel; however, they can be read by many commercial and public domain spreadsheet applications.

Search SD MEDX

Below are search options available through SD MEDX.

  • In the top right corner of the page, you will find a Search box. Enter keywords of interest and click Go. SD MEDX will return the results of the search along with the ability to conduct a more advanced search.
  • The center menu bar allows you to quick links to the main areas of SD MEDX.
  • The left menu bar allows access to the most commonly used links prior to logging into SD MEDX.
  • On certain pages throughout the site, you will find information from DSS as well as links to other information you may need.
  • At the bottom of the page, are links that must remain throughout the site and provide you to links outside of SD MEDX.

Page Errors in SD MEDX

Below is a list of common web page errors and how to resolve them. If you are unable to work through a page error independently, please contact our SD MEDX Response Team and describe the error you encountered.

  • Error 301 - Moved Permanently or Error 303 - See Other
    • These happen when the address you clicked has changed behind the scenes.
    • Often your browser will redirect you automatically. If not, click on the new address shown.
  • Error 403 - Forbidden
    • This indicates the server received the address, but that you don't have the appropriate permission to see the page. 
    • If you believe you are not receiving access to a location you need to do your job, please contact your supervisor. 
    • If you encounter this error after having successfully made it to the page from your user account in the past, contact our SD MEDX Response Team.
  • Error 404 - Not Found
    • The most common error users run into is the Not Found error. This means the address you requested cannot be found on the server. 
    • If you typed the link by hand, double check it for typographical errors and try again.  If you get this error from a link, please contact our SD MEDX Response Team.