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What is SURS? What does it do?

Within South Dakota Medical Assistance there is a unit call the Surveillance, Utilization and Review System (SURS) which is responsible for ensuring the correct billing and payment for services provided to SDMA recipients.

SURS sends out letters when either incorrect billing or payment has been identified in order to remedy the issue and educate providers. SURS is continually adapting to various Federal and State law changes that dictate program integrity.

Audit teams with the Federal government use SURS to monitor the SDMA program integrity. SURS acts as the liaison between auditors and providers; however, you may be contacted directly regarding a current audit taking place by the Federal Medicaid Integrity Program (MIP). In cases of continued inappropriate billing or suspected fraud/abuse within the Medical Assistance program, the SURS unit works with or refers to the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU).