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Accreditation Information

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The Division of Behavioral Health accredits Prevention, Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Mental Health agencies across the state utilizing an on-site survey process. During the on-site survey, the Division reviews the agency to ensure adherence to the Administrative Rules of South Dakota (ARSD) 67:61 and 67:62. The scores are derived from the on-site survey, which includes a review of policies and procedures, personnel and case file records. The on-site survey also includes interviews with clients, administration and agency staff.

The agencies are reviewed every two to three years based on their previous on-site review score. Agencies with a score of 90 percent or higher are granted a three-year accreditation certificate, and agencies with a score between 70 to 89 percent are granted a two-year accreditation certificate. If an agency scores 70 percent or less, the agency may be placed on probation. The Division reviews the following areas:

    • Governance
    • General Management Requirements
    • Core Service Responsibilities
    • Personnel
    • Client Rights
    • Clinical Processes
    • Medication Control in Residential Programs
    • Dietary Services
    • Environmental Sanitation Safety and Fire Prevention
    • Eligibility Criteria
    • Intensity of Services

If you are interested in becoming an accredited behavioral health provider, please contact the Division of Behavioral Health at 605.367.5236.

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