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Employer Information

Employers play a major role in helping single-parent families collect child support for their children. The collection of child support payments for single-parent families reduces their need for public assistance benefits and reduces the taxpayers' cost for these programs.

Below is information about requirements for employers:

  • Income and Wage Withholding
    Employers are required to withhold wages of employees who have a child support obligation.
  • New Hire Reporting
    Employers are required to report all newly hired employees to a designated state agency within 20 days of hiring on a W-4 or equivalent form.
  • National Medical Support Notice
    Employers receive a National Medical Support Notice form when a noncustodial parent is not providing health insurance coverage and has been ordered to do so.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
    The Division of Child Support is able to accept child support payments by way of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Submitting child support payments by EFT is cost effective, less time consuming and more secure than submitting child support payments by check. Division of Child Support requires a case reconciliation to be completed prior to EFT commencing.  If you are an employer and interested in submitting child support payments by EFT, please contact the Division of Child Support EFT Coordinator at 605.773.3641.