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Employer Information

Employers play a major role in helping single-parent families collect child support for their children. The collection of child support payments for single-parent families reduces their need for public assistance benefits and reduces the taxpayers' cost for these programs.

Below is information about requirements for employers:

  • Income and Wage Withholding
    Employers are required to withhold wages of employees who have a child support obligation.
  • New Hire Reporting
    Employers are required to report all newly hired employees to a designated state agency within 20 days of hiring on a W-4 or equivalent form.
  • National Medical Support Notice
    Employers receive a National Medical Support Notice form when a noncustodial parent is not providing health insurance coverage and has been ordered to do so.
  • Employers Expert Pay
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
    Division of Child Support (DCS) utilizes ExpertPay for employers to electronically transmit child support payments. ExpertPay is a fast, simple, and secure way to make child support payments. There is a one-time registration fee of $2.50 per employer which is charged by ExpertPay. Costs vary by state and payment method. Employers and payroll service providers can view fee information at