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South Dakota Division of Child Support (DCS) offers different ways for payors of support to make their child support payments online, in person, and by mail. Depending on the method of payment, it may take up to seven (7) business days for DCS to receive the payment. Payments are processed and disbursed to the receiver of support within two (2) business days.

Paying Child Support

Most child support payments are made through income withholding. Many other payment methods are available when income withholding isn’t possible such as when the person who pays support is self-employed, or when there is a gap in income withholding payments because of a job change.

  • Your child support case number is needed when making payments.
  • You will receive credit for the payment when it reaches Division of Child Support.
  • Some payment vendors may charge a fee for their services. Division of Child Support receives no portion of this fee.

Receiving Child Support

State law requires automated procedures to disburse child support payments. Parents and caregivers who receive child support have two options for receiving their child support payments.

In most cases, child support payments will be received within two to three business days after the Division of Child Support applies the payment.

Some of the benefits of direct deposit and the Way2Go MasterCard are:

  • Saves you time from depositing and cashing checks; no check cashing fees.
  • Eliminates the risk of child support checks being lost or stolen.
  • Ensures payments are received timely by eliminating postal delays such as address changes, weather conditions, or postal routing errors.
  • Provides greater security than carrying cash.
  • Provides convenience for cash withdrawals at ATMs and banks.
  • Allows purchases and cash back at retail stores with use of the Way2Go MasterCard, rather than using cash or checks.
  • Reduces the cost of disbursing payments, which saves taxpayer dollars.